Luciano Iogna
Actor - Director - Writer - Facilitator - Instructor

Luciano Iogna and Dennie Theodore



Luciano Iogna has worked professionally across Canada and internationally as a writer, facilitator and artist for over three decades. His style is inclusive, positive, respectful and interactive.

Whether it is an exercise on creating a common vision for a board or company, or facilitating a difficult or controversial subject, Luciano delivers an experience that creates results and a lasting dialogue.

He has worked extensively with Forum Theatre and Theatre of the Oppressed techniques on issues as varied as diversity, judgment, team building, AIDS and health, poverty, discrimination, workplace safety, sexual abuse and violence. His experience includes business, public sector, not-for-profit and community efforts. He has also worked with children, teens and adults of all ages, women's groups, unions, and communities of diverse cultures.

A guest instructor at universities in Canada and Turkey, Luciano has also led numerous workshops around the world. He has written for national and international periodicals and been nominated or has won regional, national and international awards for his innovative work.


•       Provides a safe, non-judgmental environment

•       Offers strong facilitation

•       Provides excellent material: workshops, scripts, outlines, handouts


•       Providing a non-judgmental environment

•       Brainstorm sessions

•       Agenda setting

•       Group-building exercises

•       Empathy-building exercises

•       Human behaviour analysis

•       Focus exercises

•       Listening exercises

•       Clarifying communications

•       Break-out groups

•       Creative role-play

•       Education and elucidation through play

•       Visioning exercises

•       Creating action plans

•       Setting goals


Dennie Theodore is a professional writer, facilitator and business manager, contributing to artistic and business projects across Canada and internationally for over three decades. She has a long and successful history in many communities and is known as a caring mentor, negotiator and leader.

A business and artistic chameleon, Dennie offers a range of leadership, strategic planning, communication and change management skills

Dennie has served on the boards of Cahoots Theatre Projects and Mixed Company, created negotiation training for MediaIntelligence, produced the Peer-to-Peer Conference with CWC and IBM, and brought her many skills to bear for such places as Atlantis Systems International (aerospace), AT&T (telecomm), Nortel (IT), The Citadel Theatre and Northern Light Theatre.

Currently working on a business book based on building a personal community and associate artist with Mixed Theatre Company, Dennie is a recognized leader and speaker in many industries, enjoying her teenage son and indulging her weakness for pastry.


•       Offers strong facilitation

•       Clear, effective communication and discussion

•       Solid coaching


•       Mentoring & networking training

•       Facilitation

•       Planning

•       Governance issues

•       Public speaking training

•       Change management support

•       Communication planning

•       Brainstorm sessions

•       Agenda/arc/goal creation



•       from $750.00 to $1500.00 per day

•       weekly or recurring rate is negotiable

•       flexible rates for non-profit organizations